Update: 24 April 2020

​Here at TimeBuilders we are working on how best to serve the needs of our members and their communities as this crisis develops.  

We will be collaborating with the council and other organisations in new ways.  


If you would like to get in touch with us, these are the best ways:

email: team@timebuilders.org.uk

call: 07421 745829

facebook: www.facebook.com/TimeBuildersSheffield/ 

Our current work

Emergency Food Parcels

We are distributing parcels once a week, filled with surplus food donated by FareShare and local supermarkets. 

Things-to-do Swap

We are collecting donations of Things-to-do such as jigsaws, novels, puzzlebooks, crafts ect and delivering them to people who are isolated. 

email: team@timebuilders.org.uk

call: 07421 745829

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What is TimeBuilders?

​TimeBuilders is a volunteering scheme that supports people to develop themselves and contribute to their community.


Everyone has something to give. We use time-credits to value and include everyone.

Our members are active: 

 In Sheffield  

 In Rotherham 

 In Rugby 


TimeBuilders makes it easy to use your passions, skills, knowledge, and time to make a difference to the lives of others.

We have flexible opportunities and roles for everyone, even if you can only spare a few hours.

Who is TimeBuilders for?

If you want to make a change in your life, TimeBuilders can offer a period of inspiration, support, challenges and rewards.

If you want to meet people, TimeBuilders offers the chance to volunteer along side others.

If you need a boost to start something new, time-credits can be an incentive.

If you want to build your confidence, time-credits value your contribution.

If you would like to be more active and get into new habits, time-credits can help you develop a rhythm of meaningful work and social opportunities.

What can you gain?

TimeBuilders can help someone find new opportunities, greater motivation and increased capability to achieve personal goals, including:

  • Feeling more purposeful,

  • Working as part of a team,

  • Contributing to a community project,

  • Sharing something you’re good at,

  • Practicing or developing a new skill,

  • Teaching or helping others learn,

  • Gaining social skills and confidence,

  • Using your time more constructively,

  • Looking for future employment,

  • Finding new hobbies and activities,

  • Taking greater responsibility and leadership.


What are time-credits?

Time-credits are a currency based on time. As a member, you can earn a time-credit for every hour you contribute to a community project. It could be an hour of litter-picking or an hour of doing the dishes.


Each time-credit can be spent on an hour of something fun or educational. Perhaps a guitar lesson or a swimming voucher. These are opportunities to get to know other members, try new things and treat yourself.

Time-credits make it easy for us to say ‘thanks for helping out, now join us in doing something nice together’.

Time-credits can be a great catalyst; an incentive for people who’ve not volunteered before, a kick-start for people who need to get going, or a boost for those who’ve lost confidence.

What to expect?

Membership of TimeBuilders can offer a period of inspiration, support and rewards. It's up to you to make the best of you 12 month membership. 

We'll start by talking about your goals and how you might achieve them, what barriers may arise and where your motivation comes from.

We'll help you find activities that fit your goals. Maybe volunteering, attending groups or some other specific support.

Earning and spending time-credits might be just the thing to help you get involved. Earning time-credits doing meaningful tasks and spending time-credits doing sociable activities.

We'll regularly check-in with you to talk about your goals and help you get the best out of TimeBuilders. 

After 12 months we'll look at what you've achieved and how you can use your successes to move on. 

As your membership ends you will stop earning time-credits. However we hope you will continue to volunteer and contribute in other ways.

What can I do?

There are all sorts of volunteering opportunities in your community, with roles that require different levels of skills and commitment. We can help you find a place that fits your abilities.

You can see what opportunities are available by looking at the local pages above. Some examples are: 

CookHouse Community Meals:

Volunteers collect surplus food from shops and cook tasty and nutritious meals to guests who eat for free.

Batch Cooking:

Volunteers prepare big pots of lovely dishes, which are frozen in portions.

Litter-picking Teams:

Volunteers take part in litter-picks across the city. It’s an easy way to make a difference to local streets.

Making Projects:

Volunteer share skills and tools, working together to make and mend using waste materials, for community benefit.

Growing Projects:

Volunteers grow vegetables and community café and FoodCycle meals, getting their hands dirty and celebrating home-grown produce.