Making projects

Our volunteers run a Community  Workshop where members make and mend, re-use and up-cycle. We produce equipment for our Growing projects and work on personal initiatives.

Re-imagining the waste that surrounds us and transforming surplus materials into useful things for good causes can be a healing act in itself. Focusing hand and eye as a craftsman, while working shoulder to shoulder, sharing tools, skills and experience fosters camaraderie.

The Steel Inn Workshop is open several days each week. Anyone can become a member, but our particular aim is to provide a place for older men who are struggling to find purpose after berievement, retirement or while caring. 

If you want a more active role, have a look at the Workshop Supervisor Role.

If you want to referral someone else, please follow our Referral procedure here: Referrals


In 2016 we took on an almost derelict industrial space and invited volunteers to help us create a workshop. Tools and benches were donated and forgotten skills revived. St Mary's Mesters was active until the landlords abruptly ended our lease. Photos below show the space as it evolved.

In 2017 we started a Maker's Groups in Norfolk Park and Gleadless Valley.

In August 2017 we opened the Napier Street Workshop, housed within the Baptist Church.

We will be running team and personal sessions.