Nourishing projects

Surplus food is abundant in our society as supermarkets often reject even slightly damaged packaging. 
Transforming this resource into meals and occasions that nourish body and soul is important work that anyone can do; chopping vegetables, stirring soup, welcoming guests and doing the dishes.

Our volunteers prepare and serve meals for anyone at risk of hunger with food that would otherwise be wasted. 

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CookHouse Sharrow

At the Baptist Church on Napier St.

Wednesday, meals served at 12.30.

CafeZero CookHouse

At St Bart's on Primrose Hill / Langsett Rd.

Wednesday, meals served at 12.30.

CookHouse Fir Vale

At St Cuthbert's on Barnsley Rd.

Wednesday, meals served at 12.30.

CookHouse Lowedges

At Lowedges Centre on Gresley Rd.

Wednesday, meals served at 4pm.


If you'd like to join CookHouse as a volunteer please contact us (details below).

You are also welcome to attend a meal as a guest. If you don't like free food, you can even pay-as-you-feel!

If you want a more active role, have a look at the FoodCycle Hub Leader Role.