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Call:         0114 223 0240


Our offices are at:

St Mary's Church & Community Centre

Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4QZ 

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Spending time-credits


Find out how you can spend your time-credits below.





Jan 13th 2020

Events coming soon...

Regular tickets and vouchers...

Regular tickets and vouchers...

Inflatable Planet Tickets:

Free Child Pass = 1 time-credit.

Free Family Pass (up to 2 adults and up to 3 children) = 6 time-credits.

at Concord Sports Centre. 

Basketball Match Tickets: Sheffield Sharks

2 time-credits per adult ticket, 1 time-credit per child. Contact us for details and to book.

Ice Hockey Match Tickets: Sheffield Steelers

1 TimeCredit + £10 (usually £30) per adult ticket. Contact us for details and to book.

Family Swimming tickets: 4 time-credits each. For 2 adults+2 children or 1 adult+3 children. At Concord, Heeley, Hillsborough, Ponds Forge, Springs and Westfield Centres and Graves Sports centre in Sheffield.

Family Skating tickets: 4 time-credits each. For 2 adults+2 children or 1 adult+3 children. At Ice Sheffield.

Lunch at St Mary's on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday lunchtimes. 1 time-credit for a meal and a drink

Treehouse BoardGames Cafe. Pay 2 time-credits for 2 hours of gaming for one person, between 11-7pm Mon-Friday. 4-10pm Sunday.

Choose from hundreds of board games. 41 Boston St, S2 4QF.   

Lunch at Lowedges Centre, Thurs 11-1pm. Gresley Rd. 1 time-credit = a meal and drink.