Using time-credits to

make networks of friends

who do the work needed

to make people and

communities stronger.

​TimeBuilders is Sheffield's innovative time-banking initiative. We have hubs of projects and activities all over Sheffield, based upon the ideas and energy of volunteers.

Volunteering with a Difference

TimeBuilders makes it easy to use your passions, skills, knowledge, and time to make a difference to the lives of others.

We have flexible opportunities and roles for everyone, even if you can only spare a few hours.

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Our Projects


Nourishing Projects

Transforming surplus food into meals that nourish body and soul: FoodCycle and Batch Cooking. 

Learning Projects

Delivering informal English classes to migrants who are keen to be a part of our communities.

Growing Projects

Growing vegetables in under-used city spaces from Church yards to front yards.

Making Projects

Running a communal workshop where members make and mend,  re-use and up-cycle. 

Connecting Projects

Creating a wealth of opportunities to share everything from Art to Zumba, by forming Groups, Classes, Events and Skills Exchanges.


How to Join

Becoming a member of TimeBuilders is easy. Contact us and we'll have a chat about what you can offer.

What are time-credits?

Our volunteers earn a time-credit for each hour they contribute to one of our projects. Time-credits can later be spent on one hour of something fun or educational; a guitar class, a language class, tickets and vouchers from local leisure organisations or even a day trip.

Time-credits make it easy for us to say ‘thanks for your help, why don’t we do something else together?’ We hope that earning and spending time-credits can become a natural loop of meaningful work and varied social activities. more


Creating a time-credit economy is a challenging experiment, We rely on the goodwill of individuals, companies and organisations to give us their spare tickets, unused spaces and surplus food.


If you can support us in some way please  Become a Partner 

About TimeBuilders


Our story begins in a neighbourhood similar to the one you live in. There is lots of need, but also lots of resources.

There are people struggling to put food on the table, but there are shops that throw food away. There are front yards that seem to grow only litter, but there are people who want to grow vegetables. There’s a retired man who feels loneliness creeping up on him, but also other men who know they need each other more later in life. There groups looking for places to meet, but also buildings with rooms that are unused.

There’s a young mum who’s kids keep growing, but also a lady who loves to sew. There’s a young man with things to fix in his flat, but also a gentleman with skills at the tips of his fingers.  read on