September 2021 Update

We wanted to update you as to where we are regarding TimeBuilders Sheffield. Covid has affected St Mary’s in a big way.  We have had to adapt to help those that most needed it. 


We have provided food parcels for those that needed food and have then gone on to open a Social Supermarket for people who are struggling to afford enough food for themselves and their families. At the moment we are only able to focus on our work with members of the social supermarket as we have limited capacity.


We have loved working with you all and have soooo many good memories of TimeBuilders.  However, for the foreseeable future we are very sorry to say TimeBuilders and all its activities won’t be opening up again. Please accept our apologies.


If you are interested in seeing what we are currently up to at St Mary's click the button below to be taken to the website. 

If you would like a printable leaflet about the Social Supermarket click the link for the PDF. 

Feel free to email for more info.

                                                                                             Wishing you all the best

                                                                                           Maia, Aroose, Lisa and Julia


TimeBuilders is an innovative community development scheme, created by St Mary's Bramall Lane that runs projects and activities in neighbourhoods across Sheffield and beyond. 

During the Covid-19 Crisis we've adapted to meet the huge needs that have arisen for emergency food provision. We deliver to hundreds of families in Sheffield each week.

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While our projects and activities have been paused during this crisis, we anticipate greater need for people to find purpose, feel valued and focus on positive relationships. A likely recession in 2021 will throw even more people into desperate circumstances.

We know our asset-based approach can successfully support people to make positive changes in their lives.

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call: 07421 745829

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Volunteer drivers deliver our food boxes across Sheffield.

Covid Update: Aug 2020​

We've adapted to meet the huge needs that have arisen as a direct result of Covid and we're now providing emergency food boxes to hundreds of families in Sheffield each week. This week alone we are sending food boxes to 363 households - well over 700 people. Most of them were coping before the crisis, but the weight of unemployment, loss of school meals and demands of social isolation means that people are not coping.

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If you'd like to support our work please consider donating directly here:

   donate to St Mary's 


In Sheffield

This week we have distributed parcels to 504 households in Sheffield, in partnership with AgeUK, FareShare and supported by donations from local supermarkets. 

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In Rotherham

We are based at Rotherham Minster and we're collaborating with all the organisations to support people with food. This week we delivered 40 parcels. 

You can contact Christine here:

If you need specific support please inform Rotherham City Council.


What is TimeBuilders

TimeBuilders is a volunteering scheme that supports people to develop themselves and contribute to their community. Our members are active across South Yorkshire, making a difference in all sorts of ways.

An Asset-Based approach

We have developed a model that works on two levels:

1. Creating a range Projects and Activities that respond to real needs and purposeful roles. From Art groups to Zumba Classes, from cooking for the community to litter-picking in the neighbourhood.

2. Focusing on each person's desire to make a significant change in their lives. offering a period of inspiration, challenge and rewards. Everyone has something to give. We use time-credits to value and include everyone. 

"I run the table-tennis group and games club. I've always wanted to run a group; TimeBuilders has given me access to resources and leadership training."

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"I would say the most important thing is that it gives me an incentive. I would be just sat at home, hiding, watching the four walls.

It's just like someone threw a lifeline at me, this place and Time-credits and all that. It's a means to be able to turn around and do something, and know you're doing a good thing."

If you'd like to support our work please consider donating directly here:

   donate to St Mary's 

Our Impact

During 2018-19 we had 484 active members who earned an incredible 17,000 time-credits.

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and In Rotherham

Building confidence by achieving small successes

"I think that if I'm confident at TimeBuilders, I can be confident anywhere."

When people set goals and achieve them it creates confidence and motivation which transfers to other areas of their lives. Success breeds success. 

Coaching people to set appropriate goals is one of our key methods. Making sure that goals are broken down into manageable steps that won't overwhealm the person.

Building relationships

"TimeBuilders has given me opportunities to give and take. It helps bond people together."

Generally people are not looking for an 'intervention', a project or a programme. Almost always people are looking to form relationships.

Face-to-face contact with other people is the single biggest predictor of health and happiness. Building relationships takes time, persistence and a commitment to listening to people to earn their trust.

"I would guess I know more than 50 people now, who are part of my community. When I see them out on the street we stop for a chat. "

Being valued and rewarded


"The workshop has become something to focus on, instead of worrying about my health problems all the time. 

Now I focus on sharing my skills with other people."

Rewarding activity provides the incentive to overcome personal difficulties. It gives you back control. it means that you are continuing to grow and be challenged, rather than waiting for something to happen.

"I felt I was nothing and useless and worthless. But I managed to help someone and it didn't really take a lot to do." 

"Volunteering with TimeBuilders has helped with my anxiety and built my confidence back up."

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I am in recovery from my mental health but there will be relapses. It's not a miracle overnight, it's just about managing it. Part of it is being productive, doing constructive things for my brain, something to focus on without having to think about money or whatever. That's fantastic."

"I wouldn't be sat here if it wasn't for TimeBuilders. I'd probably be hiding. My brain would have been tipping over with worries from the past."

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